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Compassion since 1882

Ebba Boström – Founder of Samariterhemmet

Ebba Boström (September 5, 1844 – May 10, 1902), the founder of Samariterhemmet (The House of the Good Samaritan) was born in Uppsala. Inspired by her work at a diaconal institution in London, England, she wanted to establish a hospital for the poor. Upon her return to Sweden, she took over the Rescue Home of the Society for the Suppression of Vice in Uppsala in 1882.

Over time, a children’s home was inaugurated in 1886, along with a new hospital in 1893. The hospital also included the training of deaconesses and nurses.

In 1899, Ebba Boström handed over the entire operation to the Samariterhemmet foundation.

Ebba Boström was described as a well-endowed woman. She was born to lead and possessed a strong, impulsive, creative personality, while also embodying the immediacy and simplicity of a child. As a Christian, she was above all a person of faith, prayer, and love.

The Post-Ebba Boström Era

A nursing education program was initiated in 1946, which ceased in 1975 when the County Council began providing further education for nurses on the premises.

In 1996, the Church Assembly decided that only three institutions, instead of five, would offer diaconal training, and Samariterhemmet’s last class of prospective deacons graduated in 1997.

During the 20th century, Samariterhemmet was a highly regarded private hospital until 1970 when the Uppsala County Council became responsible for healthcare services. The new hospital was inaugurated in 1971. Samariterhemmet still owns the property and land.

Providing care and support for the elderly and vulnerable has always been an important part of Samariterhemmet’s activities. If you wish to learn more about the history of Samariterhemmet, Tuulikki Koivunen Bylund has written a doctoral thesis on Ebba Boström entitled ”Frukta icke, allenast tro. Ebba Boström och Samariterhemmet 1882-1902” (1994).

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